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Spring Maintenance Tips for Commercial Painting

Spring Maintenance

Statistics estimate that 10% of the paint purchased each year ends up being wasted because more was purchased than needed.

Are you considering hiring a painting company to transform the interior or exterior of your business? What are some painting tips that you should be looking for in this project?

While it may seem like an easy project at first, re-painting any area is a bit of a challenge.

Keep reading to learn more spring maintenance tips for commercial painting.

Spring Maintenance Includes Deep Cleaning

Before you can begin any painting project, the surface that you want to paint will need to be very clean. This is important because anything on the surface can mix with the paint and your walls will no longer have the smooth, clean look that you are going for.

We can powerwash the walls ahead of time so that our painting team can come in next to take the project closer to its final completion. For outer walls, this will help the yearly algae buildup from getting out of control. It is important to wait until closer to the project date to do this, as pollen can build up on the wall between the time it is washed and the time it gets painted.

Wash Your Windows

Depending on the design of your building, you may need to wash windows on the outside or a mix of walls and windows. Regardless, it is important to clean these for a few reasons. The first is that you need to be able to see from the inside to the outside and your clients may notice if a particular office window is difficult to see out of.

Another reason to do this is that any of the dirt and other debris that fall from the window during cleaning will not end up on your newly painted wall if you complete this part of the project ahead of time.

Declutter Before You Paint Inside

Are you looking to repaint any of the offices or conference rooms in your building? If so, it is a good idea to have a decluttering session first to clear the area of any unneeded materials.

In the process of decluttering, you can move the desk and other office furniture to the center of the room once it has been sorted. This will give the painters ample space to be able to paint and not worry about having to work around the existing furniture.

Get Ready To Paint Today

Now that you have read more about a few spring maintenance tips for commercial painting, you can begin the process today. Please contact us today to discuss your next project, and we can gather the information needed to give you a quote.

We look forward to helping you prepare the space and then paint the space when the time is right.

3 Tips for Finding a Great Commercial Painting Company

commercial painter

Got a business with a fading facade? Your building’s face should reassure, if not inspire, potential clients. If two restaurants offered the same fare, would you go to the one with peeling paint or the one with a beautiful geometric design painted over a field of soft blue? A great commercial painter can help you present the perfectly styled exterior and interior walls, and much more. At CoreCom Commercial Painting, we know how to spot a great commercial painter.

Who Is Recognized by Other Businesses?

Getting an honest evaluation of a commercial painter is a smart way to get started. Ask your business neighbors who they’ve gone with and get the details about the quality of the work and the quality of the service. Just as important as putting on the flawless glossy coat is being on time and staying on budget. It’ll also help guarantee that you get a commercial professional and not a residential painter looking to branch out.

Who Has the Proper Bona Fides?

Ensure that the company you choose is properly licensed and fully insured. You’d like them to be recognized by the Better Business Bureau as respectable, and you need to always be prepared for the potential of an on-the-job accident while the work is being done.

Who’s Got Vast Commercial Experience?

You want painters who are as comfortable power-washing the side of an apartment building as they are painting courthouse ceilings. Commercial painting is an umbrella term that encompasses many different locations and painting scenarios. You want a big enough company and experienced enough to have worked on many types of commercial painting services.

At CoreCom Commercial Painting, you can see the disparate painting environments that we’ve worked in, from government buildings to schools to multi-home residences. If you’re looking to start a project to perk up your facility and add value to your property, contact CoreCom Commercial Painting, and we’ll take care of all of your painting needs.

Why Invest in a Commercial Paint Job

commercial painting

As the winter season comes to a close, it’s time to start thinking ahead for the spring. During the winter months, you may have found that you need to spruce up your commercial space. Does your paint appear dated or worn down as you look around your commercial property? A fresh coat of paint can boost your employee morale and benefit your business. At CoreCom Commercial, we understand that the need for a fresh coat of paint can’t wait until summer.

More Availability

Most businesses choose to have their commercial paint job finished in the summer. You may have to wait longer for a contractor to finish the job when you wait until the warmer months. Many people don’t recognize how beneficial it is to paint during the slower months. Odds are we can schedule your commercial paint job sooner than we would in any other season.

Quicker Jobs

When performing an interior commercial paint job, we do not have to worry about when the sun rises and sets. We can continue to paint, regardless of how it looks outside. Since we aren’t bound to the light of day, we can complete the job much faster.

Easier Curing

The humidity can make it more difficult for the paint to dry in the summer. However, the cooler, dry air dries paint quicker during those early spring days. Projects may not take as long to dry. It’s also important to note that during early spring, it’s a good idea to open any windows to help the paint dry and increase ventilation.

At CoreCom Commercial, we know how important your building’s paint job is. We have served various properties, from industrial to multi-family. You do not have to wait until summer to enhance your property’s appearance. It may benefit your company to have the project finished in the winter. Contact us today to find out more about what we offer.


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