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3 Tips for Finding a Great Commercial Painting Company

Got a business with a fading facade? Your building’s face should reassure, if not inspire, potential clients. If two restaurants offered the same fare, would you go to the one with peeling paint or the one with a beautiful geometric design painted over a field of soft blue? A great commercial painter can help you present the perfectly styled exterior and interior walls, and much more. At CoreCom Commercial Painting, we know how to spot a great commercial painter.

Who Is Recognized by Other Businesses?

Getting an honest evaluation of a commercial painter is a smart way to get started. Ask your business neighbors who they’ve gone with and get the details about the quality of the work and the quality of the service. Just as important as putting on the flawless glossy coat is being on time and staying on budget. It’ll also help guarantee that you get a commercial professional and not a residential painter looking to branch out.

Who Has the Proper Bona Fides?

Ensure that the company you choose is properly licensed and fully insured. You’d like them to be recognized by the Better Business Bureau as respectable, and you need to always be prepared for the potential of an on-the-job accident while the work is being done.

Who’s Got Vast Commercial Experience?

You want painters who are as comfortable power-washing the side of an apartment building as they are painting courthouse ceilings. Commercial painting is an umbrella term that encompasses many different locations and painting scenarios. You want a big enough company and experienced enough to have worked on many types of commercial painting services.

At CoreCom Commercial Painting, you can see the disparate painting environments that we’ve worked in, from government buildings to schools to multi-home residences. If you’re looking to start a project to perk up your facility and add value to your property, contact CoreCom Commercial Painting, and we’ll take care of all of your painting needs.

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