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5 Benefits of Power Washing Commercial Buildings

In 1926, Frank W. Ofeldt II invented the tool that we now refer to as the power washer. This tool has made a huge difference and changed the way we clean the exterior of commercial buildings.

There are many reasons why you should hire a professional to clean your property. Read on to learn why power washing commercial buildings is imperative.

1. Increase Your Property’s Value

As a property owner, you want your investment to increase in value. Neglecting the outside of your building is the fastest way to ensure your facility doesn’t hold its value. Hiring a professional to clean your commercial building will show the community and future potential buyers that your property is worth every penny.

2. Saves You Money

Regular building maintenance will reduce the amount of damage your property sustains. It will also help you identify issues before they become more significant problems. If dirt and grime are covering your commercial building, you may not notice the damage to your storm drain or if there’s a problem with the siding.

Bird poop and mold can eat away at your building’s exterior. However, if you clean it regularly, you’ll see potential problems and be able to save some money.

3. Extend Your Building’s Lifespan

Clean buildings will last longer than those that aren’t. Bacteria and moss that sit on your building for too long will attract bugs and rodents, which you don’t want around. Mose can get under the shingles on your roof and cause moisture to get trapped and eventually cause leaks.

Not only will this be costly, but it shortens the lifespan of the roof and the rest of the building. You don’t want any part of your structure to be compromised.

You may not see the damage right away, which is the dangerous part. Many business owners think they have time, but in reality, the damage could already be happening.

4. Prevent Injury

You and your employees probably spend a lot of time at your commercial building, and you may even have customers or clients coming in and out. Powerwashing commercial buildings can help prevent health problems and keep everyone safe.

Pollen, mold, and other pollutants can cause respiratory issues and allergies. However, this can be somewhat avoided if your property is clean.

You also don’t want people to slip on the sidewalk or walkway that leads into your building. Slipped grease and even mold can be slippery, and it’s best to have it cleaned as soon as possible.

5. Improve Curb Appeal

When you have executives and clients coming to your commercial building, you’re going to want it to look clean. You probably don’t want to walk into a building that smells of mildew and has grime growing on the side of it. Your building will be more inviting if cleaning is done regularly.

Power Washing Commercial Buildings

Having a clean building can make all the difference in the world. Even if you aren’t looking to sell or lease your property, you still want it to last as long as possible and hold its value. You can ensure this happens by hiring a professional.

If you have questions about power washing commercial buildings or want to get a quote, contact us here. We have a great team that will be able to help you.

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