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Dramatic Store Transformation: Revitalize Your Business with a New Coat of Paint

Curb appeal. That can be everything when it comes to customers deciding whether or not to shop at your store. Your retail store needs painting to help this.

Just how important is good curb appeal? About 95% of people in one survey said the external appearance impacts their decision on where to shop.

With this clearly being important, you need your external appearance to look as appealing as possible. For that, you need to consider retail store painting to make sure your business looks its best.

What are the benefits? See below.

More Curb Appeal

As discussed in the introduction, curb appeal can be crucial when it comes to attracting new customers to your business. What if you decide to invest some money in painting the exterior of your business?

You could see its appearance drastically change, and most likely, that will be a good thing.

What if your business was considered to have a dirty appearance before? Well, by giving it a fresh paint job, you may have just gained 52% of your possible customers back.

On top of that, it is going to be in the minds of almost all of your customers if 95% of people have it as impacting their decision on where to shop. Giving your store a fresh paint job is likely to attract more customers at the end of the day.

Painting Your Retail Store Improves Employee Morale

This does not have to be something that only benefits your customers. Think about it. Employees have to come to your business almost every day.

They may not love their job there, and the appearance of your business could create a depressing environment. Well, what if that changed?

That could not only increase employee morale, but it could also increase your employee retention rate. This is because employees that are satisfied with their work environment are 18% more likely to stay than ones who are not.

If you think your employees need a morale boost, a fresh image could be a good place to start.

Changing Your Identity

Finally, your business may have a negative reputation in your community. You may want a fresh start and a new business model.

A perfect way to visualize that your company is going in a different direction is with a new exterior painting. This changes the image of your business, and it puts a new anchor memory into the minds of your customers.

It signifies that you are taking a new start, and as a result, you could gain the faith of your employees and your customers.

Get Retail Store Painting Done

These are some of the benefits of doing retail store painting. You have the opportunity to draw in new customers, increase the morale of your employees, and change the identity of your business.

As a result, this should see your business go in a positive direction.

Do you need a commercial painting company to paint your retail store? Get a quote from us today.

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