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The Most Popular Commercial Building Exterior Paint Colors

Colors have a significant role in a business or company. Studies show that 93% of consumers put colors as the number-one factor when buying a product.

The same goes for commercial building exterior paint colors. Before you enter the facility, your buying habits and impressions are already influenced. Professionals don’t pick a color at random to represent their firms. They choose a shade they believe is a good fit for their logo, website, commercial building paint, and look.

Each color scheme portrays a different purpose. If you want to learn the most popular and what these colors mean, read on until the end.


White is the classic choice when painting a building. As of 2022, it remains arguably the most popular choice for businesses.

People expect a clean environment when they walk through the doors of a white building. It is perfect for professional businesses such as legal, marketing, and IT services.


Brown is a popular commercial building paint shade. However, since it is not as eye-catching as others on this list, it tends to fly under the radar.

Color psychology interests many big brands, such as UPs and M&Ms. They even include brown in their logos. That’s because it is associated with structure and, most importantly, dependency.


Green is a great shade to utilize on the exterior of your building. Many hotels, dining outlets, and warehouses use the color.

The majority of people associate green with nature and the environment. However, many companies use the paint as a symbol of growth or renewal.


In recent years, yellow has come to life within the commercial building industry. There are now over 32 million businesses in the U.S. With so much competition, firms use this shade to make their place stand out above their rivals.

Yellow is an eye-catching color and also has plenty of visual benefits. It shows joy, happiness, and a positive feeling. If your company’s primary value is to make people happy, consider a splash of yellow for your facility.


Blue is one of the go-to shades for a company’s primary color and the exterior of its buildings. It delivers a confident and trustworthy appearance.

That’s why countless banking, dentistry, or pharmaceutical companies use blue. They must feel dependable for their audience in their line of work.


Firms use red as their primary industrial color scheme for two crucial reasons. They use it for color psychology and attention. Red tells the brain of strength, power, energy, and passion. All things need to drive a successful business.

Customers and clients who enter your building will have a sense of urgency which helps people consume products. The color also grabs people’s attention. That is especially true when your building is stuck between neutral-colored facilities.

Choose Your Commercial Building Exterior Paint Colors

Choosing commercial building exterior paint colors can be challenging. We know this because we have over 15 years in the professional painting industry. Even so, after reading this guide, you know the most in-demand colors and why firms use them.  Therefore all that’s left for you is to decide which best suits your business.

Then get a quote today, so you can relax while we tend to the hard work.

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